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Who is Matthew?

Matthew is a Professional Writer and Social Media Expert. He has many years of writing experience, including writing his first book at the age of 5 – a book about trains, for his Poppa, as a Christmas present.

With a degree in Professional Writing and Communication, Matthew is first and foremost a writer and story teller, a communicator with an insatiable appetite. He enjoys telling stories, his, and yours. A story is a great way to connect with people, to share your triumphs and tragedies, to relate an experience.

He enjoys the challenge of being as creative as possible within the confines and structures of a Client Brief. He is growing bolder with his work, pushing himself to learn more and achieve more.

If you’d like to know more, if you want to know how Matthew can help you grow your communication network through blogs, newsletters and other forms of Social Media, you can call him – 0405 488 152, or email him. And if you’re in the Melbourne area, Matthew would be willing to enjoy a good cup of coffee with you.