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Want to understand SEO and Target Markets? Watch Family Feud

Posted by on September 15, 2016

survey-saysTrying to understand keywords, SEO Copywriting and target markets can sometimes be confusing. What words do I use to connect? What do they want to know from me? If someone wants to search for item X, what words do I need to attract them to that item?

A friend of mine, Mischa from Melbourne Fire and Safety  came up with an amazing metaphor for this problem. When it comes to SEO Copywriting, and target words to use for a question, there is no better example than… Family Feud.

Each round they ask one hundred people a question, and the top responses are displayed on the board for the contestant to guess. Top 8 responses from the 100 people asked.



For example, from the show screened on Tuesday the 13th of September- ‘name something you sprinkle a bit of glitter on’. The top 8 answers, after surveying 100 people were:

  1. Hair
  2. Cards
  3. Face
  4. Clothes
  5. Eyes
  6. Nails
  7. Cupcakes
  8. Artwork

Let us imagine you’re a craft store, selling art supplies. These result show that a high percentage of people, 23% according to the game show, would associated glitter with hair. And then glitter for cards, the face, etc.

Want to get some traffic to your website? Write a quick an easy article about applying glitter to your hair. Have some crafty ideas for making homemade cards with glitter. Or even more literal, you can have an article about the top 7 ways glitter can be used to make your day more sparkly. The list is right there in front of you, and the answers have been gained from a survey taken by 100 real people.

What an amazing way to look at this game show, literally what people are thinking about when asked a question, and it can be translated into what best answers can be given, if someone searches for GLITTER on Google.

Now take this theory, and apply it to you and your website, your marketing. If someone was to look for what you are selling, what would they type into Google? If you’re selling glitter, you need to hook the word ‘Glitter’ to ‘hair’, ‘cards’ and ‘face’ at the bare minimum.

And why not take a leaf out of this very popular game show? Why not build a survey, and ask some questions about you and your product? Make it fun and entertaining, give it a name, like Business Feud, got people involved, have a prize or two, and find out what words and things people associate with your words, your products?

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