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The 411

A good Sales Funnel has at least 6 points of contact:

  1. Blog – Education
  2. Blog – Education, Problem Solving
  3. Soft Sell- Product review, customer testimonial
  4. Blog – Best practices, how to use product/service
  5. Blog – More problem solving, how easy it will make your life
  6. Harder Sell- Sales EDM, Buy Now

You have 4 Blogs, 1 Soft Sell, 1 Hard Sell – 411

This is a formula which works for selling any product or service. Get a person into your sales funnel, automate this process, and have them buying from you by step 6.

This is a package deal. You will receive 4 blogs, the soft sell and hard sell, to be used where ever you need- Social Media, Landing Pages, Newsletters.

And the price?



email me here to find out more: