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Matthew gave us the words we needed for our promotion when he said he would and for the price he said he would.
He also gave us some extra lines for our email signature which I did not think of, but is working well.
He knows what he is doing and is great at making the words mean something.
Thanks Matthew

Mark Churchward
Stuff That Works.

“For quite some time, we at First Impressions had the desire of producing a Brochure that would suitably promote & market our products & services.  It was our intention to produce this in-house, however, we never evr seemed to find the time, and we lacked the necessary expertise.
After just one discussion with Matthew Farmer, he immediately produced an accurate, easy to read, and compelling description of the business conducted at First Impressions.  As a result, we now have copy which we are confident conveys a strong message that will help to drive our sales.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Matthew Farmer to anyone who requires written word that conveys a fresh, accurate and powerful message”.
All the best Matthew.
Graeme Vear
Call. 1300 60 22 41



As a full time photographer I understand the value of pictures and words to tell a story.  I use Matthew Farmers skill with words and copywriting when I need the right words to match my images and want to promote my business and my services to current and potential clients

“Due to time constraints, I required the assistance of copywriter to prepare a statement for a University application.   I called on Matthew and found his services extremely prompt and efficient.    His experience and knowledge of the work I required was excellent.   I will be happy to refer Matthew to any client or friend who needed this service.”
Anne Jarvis
“A big thank you to Matthew for his imaginative and creative words
for my special Mothers Day  email promotions.”
Jenny O’Sullivan
Director Melbourne Massage & Beauty.


“Whilst I had spent considerable time and energy working on the content for my website, I needed someone with Matthew’s expertise to challenge, refine, and double-check to ensure that the words flowed and my messages were clear. Matt’s response was quick and insightful. We didn’t change a great deal but I’m sure my website is the better for utilising Matt’s talent with words”
Jenny Hanley, Principal Consultant, Optimas Consulting




Just when I think I know what I’m doing and have the best words I can think of, you come along and make it better.

Thank you , thank you, thank you. It’s your sincerity, your caring, and your desire to help, that sets you apart, don’t ever change.

My email campaign would not have gone as well as it did , if it wasn’t for you.

A wordsmiths wordsmith.

Thank you,








“Before Matt suggested that I create a facebook page for my business, I had convinced myself that I would have to wait until I could afford to set up a proper website.
Within two weeks of creating the page, I have 150 fans, with a weekly reach of 47,716, according to the handy overview that facebook provides, and I am wondering why I didn’t do this all sooner!”

Steph O’Connel, Figment Friendly Editing