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Language Warning

I love words. They have such power, can impart such meaning upon people. They can illicit hallucinations in your mind, imagining what it is you just read. Words can convince you to buy, to sell, to do things you would not normally do. They can make you happy, and angry, and often it is the … Continue reading »

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Ethos, Pathos and Logos – The core of a good story

There have been terms thrown around the internet since 2013 – ‘Content is King’,‘stories sell’, ‘selling without selling’. These are all true things being said, however, just saying these things, or doing them, is only one step of the puzzle. You can create reams of content for your website or blog, but if it doesn’t … Continue reading »

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Telling your story

When you watch reality TV shows, you will notice that all the contestants which make it to the final round have a story behind them. The dancers have parents who supported them through dance school, or overcame adversity to get where they are today.Those TV chefs have always wanted to cook for their life, or … Continue reading »

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