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Social Media made Simple part 3 – LinkedIn

Posted by on June 15, 2017

In part 1 I wrote about scheduling your posts and finding time to create posts. In the second article I showed you how overwhelming it can be with all the social media channels and how starting with just two –Facebook and Instagram is a good idea.

Now you’ve got your head around these two channels let’s have a look at the professional’s social media- LinkedIn

Launched in 2003, born from people from SocialNet and Paypal, growth was slow to begin with. It now boasts over 467 million users. 2 new members join every second and 40% of those users check LinkedIn every day. That is a lot of people power right there.

So why should you use LinkedIn?

  • An easily accessible online resume to showcase yourself.
  • A great place to show yourself as an expert in your field through articles and group participation.
  • You can apply for jobs using your profile.
  • Have keywords in your Profile Summary and this profile becomes the first result in Google when people search for you.

There are other reasons such as the networking possibilities, the sales opportunities, but as a beginner just getting into LinkedIn, let’s start with some simple ways you can get yourself a profile and more.

You sign up and get yourself a profile for free. You can pay for the Premium model of LinkedIn, with a month free. Go ahead and try, but you don’t need it to succeed.

To get the attention of LinkedIn and Google, and to look good on the site you need to fill in your profile. What can you do to make your LinkedIn profile stand out?


  1. PROFILE PICTURE. You need a picture which represents you and your brand. Don’t have a picture of you at the beach with a mojito in your hand. Make it professional, casual business attire works. A professional head shot is a good idea, as the lighting and composition will be better than a selfie. And you can use the professional image around the web, a way to show a consistency of brand.
  2. PROFILE SUMMARY. It is one of the hardest things to sell yourself. But in the summary you need to be bold, a little bit of a show-off and tell us all how AWESOME you are. Don’t be shy, tell us what you’re good at, what you want to do, and how you can help people better than anyone else.
    If you’re struggling then have a third party write it for you. You write down your skills and talents, your goals and achievements, and let someone write you up. Easier to do.
  3. FILL IN YOUR PROFILE. This seems simple, doesn’t it? But many users just sign up, put a few notes here and there and then leave it. Fill in at least 3 past employment positions. Use the auto-fill options LinkedIn gives you whenever possible. Why? These are connecting you to anyone else who has the same options. If you worked at ACME, click on the icon which appears, so you’re now connected to the company online. Anyone else who ever worked for Acme will now be aware of you and your potential network will grow.
    The same applies for education, charities, all of the sections you can fill in, do it. It increases your chances of networking and finding people to connect with.
  4. CHOOSE YOUR JOB TITLES CAREFULLY. This is a searchable term and while you may want to have the fanciest way to say you clean windows if someone is purely looking for a window cleaner that is what they will put into the search bar. Use your profile summary to say why you’re a stand out window cleaner.

Once these basics have been established by you, now what? LinkedIn is still a social media channel which means you can share things which are going on in your BUSINESS life, wins, client testimonials and the like. You can also share articles and content you find around the net which apply to you and your industry. This shows that you are well read around your industry, further establishing your expertise.

The other content you can share is articles. LinkedIn is a good place to share articles, longer content, and get it to your network and those in your industry. Plus LinkedIn has a magazine app titles Pulse. If your articles get enough likes and shares and content it will be picked up by certain algorithms and shared with Pulse.

Or, if you want to try and jump the queue you can send a tweet to the editors of Pulse – @LinkedInPulse, and let them know about your awesome article and how it should be on Pulse.

To recap on Linkedin:

  1. A good profile photo.
  2. A complete profile including a compelling summary.
  3. Updates about your business and your industry.
  4. Articles published on your profile to establish yourself as an authority.


If having an awesome LinkedIn profile with regular articles sounds like something you’d like to have but can’t find the time, then let Wonderdog Writing Solutions help you out. email to find out how much great content can be written for you.

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