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Social Media Made Simple Part 1- Time and Schedules

Posted by on April 5, 2017
Time to scheu

You can spend time in cafes doing your social media

Every business and their dog is on Social media, or so it seems. According to the Australian Sensis data , 48% of Small businesses use Social Media, an increase of 17% from the last check, and 79% of large businesses use Social Media.

It seems if you’re in business, you should be on Social Media.

I do Social Media, but you would be surprised how I do it. I am a writer, I wield the words. And it has been through curiosity and necessity that I now use Social Media for my own ends, and for those of my clients. I tell my clients that for me, Social Media Marketing begins with your website, and your blog. Have awesome content, and use Social Media to bring people from there, to your website.

So, I start with my blog. I do some research, get some key words, weave those words into the narrative, and get my blog up on my website. I then I get some blurbs for that piece, and share it through my various networks. A few days later I post the article onto LinkedIn, and later in the month, if I like that particular piece, it becomes the headline for my newsletter.

But it is the first step which I want to focus on for you- sharing it through my network.

Social Media scheduling programs are a must if you want to keep things simple. I am not intending to sell you on one product or another. I have used Buffer, Hootsuite and now currently use SocialPilot. I very nearly used Meet Edgar, and I think it was a coin flip which made me choose SocialPilot. So, without branding, let me try and share with you why these programs make Social Media Marketing so very simple.

Scheduling –

You can spend an hour or two, at the start of the week, or every day, coming up with content. All the content you can think of. Videos to share, articles to share, ideas you have had, tips for your raving fans. You can input all of these into your Social Media program, and schedule them to appear whenever you want. You don’t have to be around at a certain time of the day to post. You can schedule and forget.

I have a regular #Wednesday #coffee which goes up between 9.30am and 10am on every Wednesday morning. I have scheduled coffee mugs to be posted all the way through to June. Set and forget.  I also have a group of people who hang out waiting for the next coffee mug, asking me what it is going to be. A small fan group just for my coffee mugs.


When you set up your scheduling software, you log into all of your Social Media channels. And then you add all of your pages and groups from each Social Media network. Then you assign these different channels into topics or genre, or Groups. This way, with the click of a button, you can send all of your posts into multiple location without the need to copy and paste and write again and again.

RSS Feeds

Sometimes people feel the pressure to post every day so their Social Media ticks over and people take notice of them. That’s fantastic, but do you have the time to do this?

Neither do I. So what I do instead is find news which is relevant to the message I want to deliver, and the industry I am an expert in, and find their RSS feed. RSS means Rich Site Summary. An RSS feed is a widget which watches certain websites, and when they have published content, if it matches certain criteria, then your widget will take that article, and publish it where you want.

A fantastic way to share news and opinion in your industry to your raving fans. It shows you are well read and all over your industry, further enhancing your reputation as an expert.

Organising on mobile devices can be very simple indeed

These are just a few simple things which scheduling software can do to make your Social Media Marketing simple and easy to take care of. Of course, without a strategy, a plan and a consistent message, it is all noise. So even though you can make it simple, don’t make it a waste of time and space, else those followers you work so hard to get, will just disappear.

If you want your Content Marketing made even simpler, you can contact me to write for you. I save you time and energy to be doing more of what you want to do with your business. is me. I can help.


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