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Blogging services

A blog is more than just content.

It is news, it is entertainment, it is a way for your customers, current and new, to find out about you, to discover you as a business person, a brand.

It is an opportunity for you to establish yourself as an expert in your field, a chance to proactively help and educate people, and solve problems they never knew they had.

A blog article can be used on your website, to refresh your content and let Google know you’re awesome. It can be used on your LinkedIn profile as an article to show you’re the best in the business. It can be used in newsletters, magazines and more.

Begin to build your content library today with Wonderdog Writing Solutions blogging.

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PLUS! Added value to your blogs. I will give you:

  • 2-4 paragraph hooks for Social Media and Newsletters
  • 1 Visual quote associated with each blog for Instagram and wider social media coverage
  • Monthly Google Analytics reports, showing traffic to your site, and the effectiveness of the blogs

Contact me if you would like to know more