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Be Happy

shutterstock_111851378_650I had an idea a little while ago. It was prompted by reading a few books, such as 59: seconds by Richard Wiseman; it was prompted by a conversation about changing the world, and then discussing what ‘the world’ could mean to different people, and how making someone smile, changes their world, even for a little while.

So this year, I want to make someone smile, everyday. Either through talking to them, telling ‘dad jokes’, helping them, or whatever, and documenting it here. I’m still trying to get this page in order, so it might seem a little messy, but the idea is still there.

And yes, some days it will be me who smiles, and it will be my happy story I will share here.

This idea is an evolution of the Happy Jar, which is a jar you keep, and every time something happy happens, you write it down and put it in the jar, to relive on new years day. My wife and I have been doing this for 3 years now. Now I want to expand this theory, and share it with the public.

Let’s see how it goes.