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You need more than a free hour of your time to land clients

Posted by on February 15, 2017

Getting new clients can be difficult. Competition is so tight that you need to find a way to give a new client something which shows them how awesome you are, but won’t cost too much for them. Classic Sales Funnel techniques, where you offer a little bit, and then a bit more, all the way to the bottom of the funnel where they get massive value for the biggest bang for their buck. It’s that first step into the funnel which you need to think about things.

I have heard many businesses offering a free one-hour consult, or a free catch up to see if what they offer is what you need. For me, I call this the ‘Free Measure and Quote’. It should not be seen as something magical and fantastic that you’re offering. This free consult? It should not be THE THING which gets a new client on board. You really need to be giving this free meeting as standard for anyone, and have something different, something unique to you, which grabs the attention of a potential new client.

So, if the ‘free measure and quote’ is going to be complimentary and a part of the standard sales funnel, what can you do to wow your new leads?

What are your options?

  • A free health check of your whatever.
    • Are you a Financial Planner? Then give a brief check-up of a client’s potential savings and financial future
    • A web designer? Check out their website, and give a pros and cons list, including a price list of how much to turn the cons into PROS!
    • Into insurance? A summary of what policies the client has, what ones you can get which are better.
  • One complimentary copy of your product or service.
    • Personal Trainer? Give a free session. Follow it up with 2 discounted sessions so they know what they will be getting into.
    • Copywriter? Look at offering a free blog or article.
  • Discounted/introductory price
    • Offer the first 3 months of your service at a discount. If they get results, then move them onto the full price
    • If they don’t feel it worked, shake hands, wish them luck. At least they sampled you, and don’t feel they paid ‘too much’.
  • Gift packs?
    • Are you able to give something to this potential client, even if they don’t sign up with you?
    • Can it be branded and relevant to who you are and what your business does?

I have some branded worksheets, 12-month content planners and per-blog planners which are free downloads from my website. The links are there, please feel free to grab one and use them. I also have branded A5 notepads, which I pair with a pencil, and whatever worksheets a client may need, and give them to leads as a free gift. One day, in the future, while writing notes on my notepad, they will think of me and call. Or give a piece of paper to a friend, who may see the details and also call me. Plus it is nice to get free stuff.

GIVING to people is a great way to win them over and have them become clients, and for them to tell their friends about you. But give them something more than just a ‘free measure and quote’.

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