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Book 2 in the Girl from out of Town Saga




Monsters from the skies terrorise the Sunder Mountains in the north, shattering the peace Navarr and Mizzell had found in The Glade.
Meanwhile, in the deserts to the south, Truen and the crew from of the skyship Cornwallis are framed for murder and have their ship hijacked. Now they must escape through the desert, in disguise, rescue their crewmates and survive the Great Slave Markets




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Navarr works in the accounts department of Lenzell and Associates, the biggest maker of steam-powered Golems in his home city of Old Darbeton. He wishes for a better job, better housing, a more exciting life, something. And on the night before the first big storm of the summer, that’s exactly what he gets when Mizzell literally lands on his doorstep. She is beautiful, mysterious and in desperate need of his help.


Chased from the narrow cobbled streets by the very company he worked for, they escape aboard a skyship into the wilds of the mountainous frontier. Chased by Ash and his band of Bounty Hunters, Navarr will use sword and gun to protect his Girl From Out of Town.




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