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Blogging exercise- Cookies are Awesome

Posted by on April 10, 2017

One of my roles is as a teacher to Business and Marketing Students at the Swinburne Institute of Technology. Today we were talking about blogs for their websites. The subject I am teaching them includes building a simple 3 page + Blog website in WordPress, and today was about website security and blogging.

I have introduced them to my blogging worksheet, which you can download HERE. They were slowly working their way through it, but there was a bit of a disconnect. They weren’t thinking like clients, which is what the worksheet if for. So, I challenged them to give me a topic to blog about. They gave me Cookies.

So, I filled in the worksheet with dot points, SEO words, and a call to action. I then did some research about cookies and biscuits and wrote the blog then and there in class. I saved the worksheet to the network drive and will have to collect that in a couple of days time to show you, but below is the resulting blog, written in class to show my students how to write a simple blog from the worksheet. Enjoy!

Savory Cookies. Are they the best?

Cookies are awesome. You can disagree if you want, but you would surely be lying. You can sneak them into your kid’s lunch, or snack out on the couch watching Netflix, cookies have been dunked into coffee and tea for generations. And there is more to the tiny bundles of baked joy than you probably realised.

A cookie can be described as a small, thin cake. Around the world they have different names, such as biscuits in the UK, bikkies in Australia; in Germany they are known as keks, or Plzchen, and in Italy they are known as biscotti.

The name ‘cookie’ is derived from the Dutch word of Koekje which means a small or little cake. According to history, cookies were used as tests for cakes. A small amount of cake batter was used by the baker to test the oven temperature. From there, biscuits, from the latin word bis-coctum, or ‘double-baked’, was born.

Many different polls have been conducted online to find a favourite kind of cook, and more often than not Choc Chip cookies. And to be honest, choc chip cookies are my favourite as well. Other popular cookies include Ginger Cookies, which go great with a cup of tea, Oatmeal raisin cookies, macaroons and jam drop cookies. In Australia, ANZAC cookies often land high on the list of favourite cookies.

Cookies can be both healthy and unhealthy, or sugary deliciousness, a much better word than unhealthy. Some of the healthiest cookies you can eat include:

  • Gluten free cookies, such as flourless choc chip cookies
  • Zucchini Choc chip cookies (yes, they are a thing)
  • Oatmeal-raisin and flax cookies
  • Pumpkin Spice cookies
  • Peanut butter Coconut oil cookies

Thanks to the DELISH site for those.

Tasty, just sitting there, waiting to be eaten.

Cookies hold such a wonderful place in our hearts and our bellies, that of course there are competitions for the best cookie ever. Martha Stewart, the American Household Name when it comes to everything house-wife, has an annual cookie baking contest.

And we have the Great Australian Bake-off, a TV show focused on everything baking, including the best shortbread biscuits, choc chip cookies and more.

Along with the staples of our cookie-loving world, there are some specialty cookies who have an aura of their own.

ANZAC biscuits are legendary when it comes to the Australian and New Zealand armed forces. They were made with ingredients which don’t spoil for a very long time, perfect for the long sea voyages to get to our troops fighting in Europe during World War 1.

Girl Scout Cookies, Thin Mints, S’Mores, Peanut Butter Sandwiches, are famous for being addictive and utterly delicious. Used to raise money for the worldwide Girl Scouts association, many Americans have marked in their calendar when Girl Scout Cookie Season arrives.

And Fortune Cookies. Tiny little baked treats with a paper fortune hidden within. Debate rages as to whether or not you should actually eat the cookies, or just crunch them and read the fortune within.

These tiny baked goods are famous the world over, and hold a tasty, precious place in everyone’s life. Bake your favourite today and fill your house with the sweet smells of cookie. Download my favourite choc chip recipe now, by following this link.

The perfect companions for cookies- Coffee and a writing pad

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