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2017 – My Year in Review

Posted by on December 14, 2016

This time of year we are winding up, finishing work or getting excited for Festivus. It is a chance to look back on the year, see what great things you’ve done, and acknowledge and celebrate them. How do you measure your success for the year? Followers? Dollars? Food in the belly?

My year had differing goals to them. In 2015 I wanted to begin a one-to-many model of delivery, run workshops and educate. This sort of came true for me, as I was appointed as a trainer with Swinburne University of Technology. I was given the chance to teach young people about marketing, communication, social media and the like. What I thought it would be like, and what it actually was like, were not entirely congruent.

My vision of teaching students had me thinking of Michelle Pfeiffer and Dangerous Minds. What I got was possibly a National Lampoon’s experience. Or something close to.

It certainly was a wake-up call, and I did have some wonderful students who impressed me with their willingness to learn, and do more. One of my students achieved an internship with the Rowville Community Kitchen, and is doing great things with blogging and social media. It is going to stand her in good stead when getting work in the real world, will put her many steps ahead of her competition.

I should be going back to Swinburne in the new year to teach some more. I will be better prepared, give a better opening speech, demand that all phones are turned off and in bags, and try to hammer in to them what a target audience is, and how it is NOT anyone with money aged 18-65. Seriously.

Another thing I have been working on this year is the idea of DOING. Many are the workshops you go to where great information is given to you, you take notes, and then you go home and do nothing. I want people to, not stop talking, but to add DOING to their schedule.

In this light I began a ‘practical mastermind’ group, where we would discuss topics in the first hour, and then in the second have someone get the spotlight on them, help them with an issue, but also produce something they could leave with. This idea ran for four months until the weight of inertia brought it to a standstill.

I then connected with Christine Smith from the Rowville Community Kitchen. A couple of attempts to start something never made it off the launch pad, but the Rowville Marketing Group launched, and with a bit of a wobble, maintained height.

This was a group where, for 2 hours on the first Thursday of the month you’d buy time for you to work on your marketing. It was not a workshop, no teaching involved, you just had time and space to do marketing. And then you got lunch.

I am taking this idea a step further in the New Year. I am going to make it into a DOING, a PRACTICAL workshop. 20 minutes of education, then DO the thing, and then winding up and checking in. And then lunch.

I competed and completed another Nanowrimo event. Still finishing the story. It got me more interested in the other novels I have that are not yet published, and it lit the fire under some of my friends to keep an eye on me to make sure I get mine published. March 2017 is the aim date. Let us see if I hit it.

I gained clients, lost clients, had great clients and not so great clients. It is good to have the spectrum, helps me appreciate it more when I am given glowing reviews of my work.

I have connected and networked with many new people. I had an article on LinkedIn go crazy, with over 20k reads, which has lead people to approach me as an expert in the field of writing.

So, after looking back, we need to look forward. Do I give you a list of resolutions? Or some things I would like to achieve? How will you hold me accountable?

In 2017 :

  • I wish to be running more workshops.
  • I wish to publish a creative novel, and a few eBooks for business I have in the works.
  • I wish to be a better teacher, a more disciplined writer, and be more connected.
  • I will have a budget, I will have savings, I will have more clients, and I will have a holiday, preferably overseas.
  • I am going to write more blogs for me and my clients, and I am going to start making videos.
  • I am going to reward myself more, celebrate my wins more.
  • I am going to find a hobby which is not writing, and be creative in another way.

Any other suggestions?

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