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Do you have time to invest into your Content Marketing?

Translating IDEAS into words.


You have a great business, some awesome products you want the world to know about. Right? You have a story you want to tell, your business needs a newsletter, a blog, to keep your loyal customers up on the latest events. You want to use the power of Social Media to get those ideas in your head out to the wide world, yes?

A few questions for you-

  • Do you have the time in your day to write a blog? Do you have the time in you day to write another one? And another one?
  • Do you know how to grow your list? Can you build yourself a stable of readers who will open your newsletter, study your blog, and follow you on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?
  • Are you able to maintain that momentum of writing 2 blogs, 4 blogs, per month, each month?


Using the services of Wonderdog Writing Solutions makes your life a whole lot easier.

  • Content marketing
    • With my 12 month planner, and blog planning worksheet, we can plot out your 12-month story, how you are going to educate and entertain your target audience. You can then sit back and relax, knowing your ideas are being written up for you.
  • Social Media Profiles and management
    • Have yourself a comprehensive LinkedIn profile
    • Build up your social media tribe with curated and customised content
  • Web copy and EDM Sales letters
    • Speak directly to your client base with powerful sales copy which educates them and entices them to buy.
  • Consultation
    • Want to learn how to set yourself up on Instagram, LinkedIn, or other Social Media sites?
    • Want to learn how to plan and build your own blog?


If you would like a conversation about how content marketing can work for you, contact me here –